Trained Staff

Staff pooling and training and development

Our internal personnel service provider finds and or qualifies personnel in order to place them specifically with an employer. These are unskilled laborers as well as qualified professionals and managers. No matter if you are a manager, engineer, baker or driver we are happy to support you with the right personnel that fits to your company here in Kenya.
Our personnel leasing works closely together with the PBO Sisters for Hope. According to a predefined catalog of requirements, the Sisters for Hope identify former poverty prostitutes who are eligible for qualification measures. The designated personnel are then trained at appropriate external institutions, e.g. a vocational school, an IT training center or a university.
Furthermore, through our network in Nairobi, we can also help you directly to find qualified personnel, which you can then hire in your company.
In contrast to a German personnel leasing, the focus of our personnel leasing is not to cushion short term bottlenecks in companies, but:
according to our high ethical standards and quite contrary to the Kenyan Hire & Fire mentality, the former poverty prostitutes should not simply be dismissed if their position in a company is eliminated, as they would then be forced to return to their old milieu. In order to spare them this fate and so that they can encounter Christ in a very practical way through our mission, these women are caught up in the personnel leasing, further trained and placed in another company within or outside the EE-4C Group.

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