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Business for Transformation meets Sisters for Hope

The special feature of our pilot project in Kenya is that it is characterized from the outset by a holistic approach. Our companies will therefore not only participate in the capitalist economy, but they will also work for the common good through an overall social commitment. Our companies comply with this approach by cooperating with the PBO Sisters for Hope (SfH). The Commercial Sex Workers, as the prostitutes in Kenya are often called, are introduced to the redemptive message of Jesus Christ through the SfH, given pastoral care and then placed in alternative work through the B4T companies. Although the MIK’s and the PBO are independent legal entities, this does not mean that they operate in separate physical locations. For example, Sisters for Hope staff will be present in each company to continue to mentor the women.

In this approach, neither the greenwashing of companies nor the commercialization of a PBO is the goal – but rather to initiate a process whose added value is a society that is permeated by Christ, both in private and at work!

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