Sven Greisert

Electrical Engineer

I have been very happily married to my wife Svenja since 2016. My current stage of life is – thanks to my wife and even more thanks to Jesus Christ – the happiest of my life so far. Due to my mathematical understanding and my joy in dealing with new technologies, I decided to study electrical engineering and information technology at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich in 2008 as part of my training as an officer. In September 2012, I graduated with a Master of Science degree in power engineering. At that time, I had rejected the possible existence of a God.

I came to this conclusion after studying the Christian faith during my Abitur. I decided to accept the distraction and amusement of the world and live a life completely without God. A life of mission would have been out of the question for me at that time.

Today I know Jesus had never given up on me. He sent me many Christians who inspired and impressed me. By far the most important was my wife Svenja. After I got together with my current wife Svenja in May 2014, I started to deal with faith again for the first time since I graduated from high school. Since I was still stationed in Beelitz near Potsdam at that time, I had a long-distance relationship with my partner. I was alone in the barracks the whole week. I call this time my personal desert experience. In the desert of Beelitz there was no diversion and no amusement. During this time, the Holy Spirit guided me into faith through intense Bible reading.

On January 10, 2015, I said “yes” to my Lord – Jesus Christ. Since that day, I have been allowing myself to be led more and more into the mystery of faith. I will never be able to completely understand this exciting mystery, but I know for sure: I am infinitely loved.

The call to the mission hit me like a bolt from the blue in October 2015. I lived with my wife Svenja in beautiful L√ľneburg before my call to the mission. During this time, I worked as a technical officer in Bergen. What I liked most about my job was that as the head of the technical and protection department, I was able to combine my talents in leadership and organization with my technical understanding. I loved my job and continue to feel my calling in this area.

I love to analyze complex issues from the fields of theology, philosophy and natural science. Again and again I am amazed at the impressive structures that can be discovered. What drives me most of all is the hunt for knowledge. Unfortunately, I also have to realize that despite all the progress we humans have not managed to create a just world on our own. The fact that despite our wealth in the Western world people are destitute in the dirt frustrates me.

I have been living in Nairobi since July 08, 2018 and the contrast between rich and poor in this city of over 3 million people is enormous. But as contradictory as life is here sometimes, I am convinced that I am now in the right place!

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