Irene Mwangi

In 2015, amidst great turmoil in my soul, I earnestly sought the Lord concerning my God ordained purpose here on earth. I was truly tired of the status quo. Although I was happily married with two children, I could not shake off the feeling that my life was missing something significant. ‘There has to be more to life,’ I kept telling myself. It can’t be that I was created to work at the bank all my life. I felt an urgent need to know exactly what I was created for. After much prayer, the Lord spoke to me one afternoon and told me that my purpose is ‘To encourage people to live right with God and hold on to Him no matter what.’ Boom! There it was! Finally, I knew what I was destined to do.

With much excitement and gratitude in my heart, my prayer changed from what, to how and where do I execute my purpose? How do I encourage people to live right with God and hold on to Him no matter what, when all my time and energy was spent authorizing financial transactions at the bank, and taking care of my family at home? One day in 2019, I was unexpectedly transferred to the only branch in our bank that handled new international investors who came to Kenya to set up new businesses. I was put in-charge of that docket as the Head of Operations in that branch. I must say that I was not amused by the transfer. The new branch was much further away from my home, and I didn’t enjoy the long drive to work not to mention the crazy Nairobi traffic. I tried together with my former boss to have the transfer cancelled, but the Executive Management of the bank insisted that I was needed at the new branch. Having no choice, I reported there in the last week of February 2019. A short while later, Sven and Stephan walked straight into my office, and that is how I was introduced to the heavenly assignment that had brought both of them to Nairobi, Kenya.

When my Lord Jesus called me to resign from my Banking career of 19 years and join the Business for Transformation (B4T) mission, I said YES Lord! Here I am. Send me to those women who need to know that You love them and enable us in B4T to give them a chance to live in dignity.

Sven Greisert

Stephan Mattner

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