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Social Investment

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Who we are

EbenEser – 4 Custodian is a Kenyan, holding whose goal is to reduce poverty by providing employment through business creation. Based on the German success model ‘Mittelstand’, our German team of experts, consisting of engineers, lawyers, experienced entrepreneurs and business managers, develop strong companies for the East African market.

Our in-house management team, trained according to German and international standards, is able to establish international products in the East African market, to create production sites and to staff them with value-added personnel through our intelligent, in-house personnel leasing company. In this way, EE – 4C forms an innovation and technology engine.

Our guiding principle ‘Best Products and Services. Based on German Technology and Engineering. Made in Kenya. For the People of Easten Africa.’ guarantees our partners, investors and customers the highest standards and satisfaction. With our specialization and niche strategies we create success on national and international markets. The companies established by us on the market, the so-called ‘Made in Kenya’s’, form economically independent systems, with a very streamlined key process making in the area of the core competencies of the company with a simultaneous use of outsourced administrative elements for cost and performance optimized operation of the company.

At the same time, our high etic and law-abiding standards guarantee a maximum impact in the field of international compliance. Furthermore, we create a space in our companies for activities in the area of social intrapreneurship. Wherever it makes economic sense, we employ women from the field of former poverty prostitution in our companies. In this way, we succeed in getting determined and strong-willed young women to create an alternative for themselves and their families. Women in need become role models for their children, loyal workers, and God’s work visible in the world when he says, ‘Give them food to eat.’

What we do

  1. We establish companies in Kenya the so called Made in Kenya’s (MIK’s) which offer innovative solutions to their customers and at the same time offer alternative jobs to former poverty prostitutes.
  2. As a local agent we help companies to enter the Kenyan market with their product and support them in their social investment in sustainable assets.
  3. We support companies with our powerful group to enter the Kenyan market by providing various business services – from accounting to IT.
  4. We monitor the Kenyan market and prepare market studies


  1. The activities of EbenEser – 4 Custodian Group in Kenya are managed by the HQ in Nairobi.
  2. In Germany we are represented by the powerful B4T Empowerment GmbH. Are you considering entering the East African market? Then visit the homepage of B4T Empowerment GmbH to book an appointment:

Our leadership

For our management team, leadership means shaping management and corporate processes and decisions in a purposeful, sensible and goal-oriented manner so that corporate goals can be achieved.

Our managers are people who constantly reflect on the conditions and consequences of their thoughts and actions. On the one hand, they ask themselves self-critically why they made a decision one way and not another.

On the other hand, they ask themselves whether this decision helps to substantially develop the company…..

Meet our management

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