Business for Transformation (B4T)

What is Business for Transformation (B4T)?

Exploitation, abuse and injustice characterize the working world of many people.

B4T is a mission strategy of Christian organizations that is gaining acceptance worldwide in order to counteract such trends and to bring Christian values into the business world. The B4T concept explicitly does not serve as a platform to circumvent visa problems in closed countries or to establish a new form of fundraising. The business environment itself represents the locus of the mission.

The core idea is to fill strategic leadership positions with Christian visionaries. In this way, Christian corporate philosophies are to be brought into the companies from “above” and have a far-reaching impact on society.

A society that is permeated by Christ, both in private and in professional life.

To found companies whose goal is not to maximize profits, but to serve people and model Christ to them. In our particular case, we want to offer alternative jobs to women who have been reached by the Sisters for Hope and whom no one else would hire.

The founded companies are to give decisive impulses in various areas of society and thus contribute to a fairer and better world. In doing so, our companies should operate on the market under Christian values, without corruption and with fair wages.


  • To provide our customers with creative, innovative, reliable and high quality solutions.
  • To provide our employees with a dignified job, stability, fair wages with a good personal development opportunity, and a pleasant working environment.
  • To offer our stakeholders fair returns on their investments.
  • Serve the country by creating know-how, international contacts and jobs.
  • Demonstrate to society that success and high moral standards can coexist.
  • Serving God by being faithful and good stewards.
  • Provide administrative support to international entrepreneurs and investors in opening a branch office or starting a new business in Kenya.

Target audience

In Kenya, there is the problem of a high number of women living on the margins of society at the subsistence level. The reasons for the poverty are manifold and cannot be fully identified. However, a large proportion of these women were abandoned by their partners during pregnancy, and many women then slip into poverty without work. A second large group of women affected by poverty are former prison inmates and their children. These women are not cared for further by the state after the end of their prison sentence, but are simply “thrown into freedom.” Since these women are usually disowned by their relatives, the path to the safe bosom of the family is blocked.

These women are then left with no other option but to turn to crime or prostitution to support themselves and their children. By employing these women in our companies, we want to give them the opportunity to shape their lives again with hope and responsibility.

In our companies we strive for a maximum share of women. We want to make a statement in a male-dominated society – single mothers, former prison inmates and prostitutes are not a burden, but valuable!

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